Reedy and Company Realtors, LLC, an industry leader in the greater Memphis area for almost a decade, is committed to going above and beyond for all investors regardless of portfolio size. We believe in the "one at a time" thought... each one matters. Our dedication to single family and multi-family investors and tenants is what separates us from the other management choices in Memphis. We concentrate on the little things, with dependable communication, in-house maintenance, collections, leasing, accounting, and more! Our team of licensed contractors, vast technology used for screening and marketing, will ensure that your property functions at its best.

Not local? No worries. Many of our more than 2400 units are owned by out of state or foreign investors that find our use of technologies just right for staying "in touch" with their portfolio despite the miles between.

We provide the best to investors --- more than most expect

Reedy and Company believes that putting all of the pieces of the puzzle under one roof allows investors to get more, and to worry less. We understand that a multi-family property operates better in a collective approach with a team of experts, in their own area of expertise. Each tenant demands personal attention, and looks to us as the property manager, to provide that along with the knowledge required to get the job done. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and teamwork providing profitability for you, the investor. With Reedy and Company, you can be sure that your units will be kept well-maintained, safe, and occupied by highly-screened tenants.

Success in multi-family

About 1/3 of our total managed portfolio is multi-family, and spans the city, across a variety of styles, price points, and some even have an on-site management team due to their size. You could find examples of our multi-family management success at the following properties:
  • The Medical Center Apartments
  • Midtown Grove Apartments
  • Grahamwood Flats
  • Chambliss Village
  • Graceland Flats
  • St. James Place
  • The Summereast Apartments
  • The Springs Townhomes
  • Oak Grove Flats
  • Various other locations including units on Stafford, College, Belvedere, Merriwether, Imogene, Pendelton, and more.
If you are ready to invest in a multi-family property, contact us TODAY!

We can help!

The purchase of multi-family properties in Memphis is popular and competitive, allow us to assist you in your efforts to grow your real estate portfolio. Our sales and acquisitions team is versed in the market and has a number of great resources and experience to share with you. Once you've made your purchase, our property management team will work, seamlessly, with the sales team to on-board your purchase (or transferred property). Let us take the day-to-day pressures of running a multi-family property from you. As our mission statement says, we are dedicated to balancing the needs of our residents with the interest of our investors. We hope to gain a partnership with you, adding you to our investor family, soon.